BREXIT – FOR THOSE INTERESTED The global dominos (countries) are about to fall, in which the global elite will create a new global order out of the chaos. Brexit, Britain’s exit from The European Union is a significant global event that those interested in eschatology should try to understand. What the media will not tell you is, the British people now want to maintain their sovereignty as a country as Islamic immigrates are quickly over populating them and will soon become the majority with a potential ability to take over the country. In order to maintain their sovereignty as a country, Britons believe they must succeed from The European Union who over regulates theirs laws and financial policies. The Queen, is only a symbolic head of state as royalty. I and a few other eschatologists have been sharing about a soon coming financial collapse in America. This collapse will be global but one of the purposes for it will be to establish the global community in which the biblically mentioned antichrist will rule, and to also establish a global digital currency. – Revelation 13:17 Now, five additional countries have also decided to leave the European Union which may cause global financial instability to countries that have economic relations and trade. These countries will then be rescued by a new global order in which a global digital currency will emerge. I have always believed that The Biblical BEAST is the emergences of all things digital, which is a secular representation of the Holy Spirit bringing all things to your remembrance. John 14:26 The Biblical BEAST is also he, who controls the BEAST! Financial Collapse • Civil Unrest • Constitution Crisis will temporarily collapse America

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