Good morning everyone

Good morning everyone. As many all of you know, I did well with my first round of #COREDEFORCE and the #HEALTHBETCHALLENGE. I am and willl continue to #FIGHTFORIT2017 as I am making it for me, and about only me. I am now thinking of helping and doing for me first. I am going to do several more rounds of #COREDEFORCE, and also adding another workout to better myself, which I now know that I can do, I will continue to drink my #SHAKEOLOGY daily and continue to improve my nutrition. For me, my goal will start by working on losing 60 pounds and or maybe a bit more by the end of July to start. I will also post my results by then as well. Why did I decide to do this? Well I am a bit tired of some ( NOT ALL), always commenting of how I will never progress because, I manage to gain what I lose. But then again no knows what I have been threw or know how I live my life. Everyday is a challenge no matter how big or small, and again no one is ever perfect. Plus, I really do apprecita each and everyone who post beautiful positive comments and I appreciate it more that so many of you think and consider me as an insperation and a motivation and I thank you all. I do want to thank so many of you who sent me messages asking me if you can use my viedos and puctures. But for others (and you know who you are) I do ask of you to PLEASE, do not use my photos or viedos and then say that I am in your challenge group and that I am your work in progress in your challenge, to take credit where credit does not really belong. Again thank you to all of thise who are really always there for me


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Natalie Deir

I love seeing your transformation. You are doing so well. I can see the changes in your body. You are getting stronger and leaning out. All of which are awesome if you ask me. Please continue to be an inspiration not just to me but to others. You are my rockstar!

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