Hey Family!

Hey Family! I am going away for 6 weeks and am wanting to sublet my beautiful Queen Room to the perfect person! I live in a beautiful house called "THE GOLDEN TEMPLE" 400 meters away from the beach! You can hear the ocean from the house! SUCH A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE IN PARADISE! Its a CATCH! YEW! Chanel’s Queendom is $120 per week. It is available from the 5th of June until the 17th of July!
The single bed Prince room is $100 per week. Does anyone in the Shire want to sublet or does any of my beautiful family across the world feel like a 6 week holiday in Byron Bay Shire!
Please TAG your friends who you think might be interested <3
James Sauter Chloe Elsass Joshua Mathew Hore Neil Stewart Gabrielle Goldklang Jake Kemp Wrenna Bird Saraya Fay Amelia Tulsi Elgar Ember Spring Jaiah Deb Bee Kin Zebiah Sunflower Suebee Fae Slim Rebecca Wolf Shayna Love Lolito Moko Danielle N. L. Pilcher Michelle Ma Belle Benyamin Rūaumoko Phoenix Kimberley Dawn Carly Jean Tarnie Blint Keanu Wolf Sun Bear Kate Little Courtney Webb Ayla King Joshee Mannix Marie Hampel Kahlia Lea

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Katrina Zicchino

Would be lovely but not leaving til August and heading west. Thanks for the heads up though!

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