Hi Gary

Hi Gary! My husband, Chris and I are so grateful for your books and studies which we have shared with our church! We have grown in our 21 years of marriage and have appreciated your resources. God has used them to greatly impact us especially Sacred marriage and Sacred Parenting.
We live close to Puyallup and had the privilege of meeting you a few years ago. We recently received our copy of your new book, “Cherish”, which we haven’t started reading yet, but look forward to your godly wisdom and insights and applying them to our marriage.
I wanted to share my Valentine post for my hard working, faithful, God fearing husband. The purpose for my Facebook Valentine post was in hopes that he would feel honored, appreciated and cherished.
My Valentine for my husband, Chris:
Because of Old Faithful
My husband has had this alarm clock since he was 14 years old. That makes this clock about 30 years old. I thought it was ugly. I had always hated the sound of the annoying alarm as it would go off long before I needed to get up, but became so use to it that it stopped phasing my sound sleep about 5 years into our marriage. So I joyfully JUMPED at the opportunity to replace his outdated, old clock with a sleek looking clock when he spilled water on it and it died! He HATED the new clock and wouldn’t let me throw the old one away. Then, about a month later…Chris plugged in his old clock. Old faithful came back to life, sounding worse than before… and the new clock was history.
Last week was snowy and icy. I woke up when his alarm went off extra early because he had to plow the roads at work and began praying for protection for my sweet husband. As always…there was no grumbling, sighing, or continuous hitting the snooze on old faithful. Instead… like always, for 21 years of marriage…he slid out of our warm, cozy, comfortable bed and onto his knees to begin his day in prayer…5:00 a.m..
On this particular, freezing cold morning in our 5th wheel, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for my loving husband who loves God and entrust me and our kids into His Father’s hand…every day. He depends on God for strength and help. He praises God with his whole heart…not for my eyes to see…not for show….but for connection with his Heavenly Father. In fact, it is a privilege to witness his alone time with the Lord in prayer. It fills me up with security knowing he puts his faith…not in himself…not in me…but in God.
For almost 30 years, he has responded to the call of Old Faithful and to the Lord’s desire to connect with him.
For at least 25 years, he has slid out of his bed and onto his knees to begin his day with his Savior.
For 21 years of marriage, he has never once grumbled, complained, or faked being sick when his alarm goes off for him to go to work. In fact, he still goes even when he is sick.
So, because of his old faithful clock, and the Lord giving me a fresh and proper perspective that isn’t self-centered… I now see my husband and his ugly 30 year old clock through very different eyes….eyes that truly appreciate the history they have as my husband journeyed from a boy, to a godly man, to a husband, to a father, to a spiritual leader for our family.
Chris’ alarm clock will always and forever be treasured by me, till the day I die.
I truly love and respect you, Chris Haugen!
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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