How does Chinese medicine treat well for patients with nephrotic syndrome

How does Chinese medicine treat well for patients with nephrotic syndrome
In general, there are many treatment methods of nephrotic syndrome, in addition to the common treatment methods of Chinese and Western medicine, as well as surgical methods, there are some remedies in the folk, let us work together to understand the Chinese medicine recipe for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome.
1, Astragalus porridge: Prescription: membranous milkvetch root 30g, raw coix seed 30g, phaseolus calcaratus 15g, Gallus gallus domesticus 9g, golden orange pie 2 and glutinous rice 30g. First with water 600ml, boiling Astragalus for 20 minutes, fishing to dregs, second put the yi Ren and phaseolus calcaratus boiling for 30 minutes, and then put the Gallus gallus domesticus and glutinous rice, cooked into porridge. For 1 day volume, and divided into 2 times to eat, and chewing 1 piece kumquat after eating. The folk prescription has a higher the effect for edema of the chronic nephritis, renal pelvis nephritis dander, and it also has effect on liminate proteinuria.
2, Boiling astragalus and glutinous rice porridge: Its approach is: Astragalus 30-120g, glutinous rice 30-50g, first fry astragalus and take it juice, after put glutinous rice in it to make porridge, edible day by day.
3, Steamed duck with Astragalus: Practice is 1 live duck (about 1kg), Astragalus 60g, first duck slaughter and wash, put it into water boil thoroughly remove, put Astragalus, ginger, light blueand a small amount of pepper into belly, and then put Shaoxinng water and wine in the belly, sewn with cotton, pot steaming for 2 hours. Pick up Astragalus, then you can eat meat and drink soup. A duck can be divided into 3 days to eat, can be used as a chronic kidney disease diet.

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