In the snack list of Ha Thanh, perhaps boiled snail is a delicious dish is most mentioned. Not fried or roasted me like in Saigon, boiled boletus in the right style is a snail, rock snail or snail jackfruit, which is often called with the familiar name is "snail, small snail", boiled with lemongrass and lemon leaves, served with fish sauce ginger with fresh chilli, spike with grapefruit or cut sharp iron.
This is a favorite of many people, regardless of gender, age, especially after workhours, which is eaten all year round, not only cold. However, it must be said that Hanoi sky, but just sitting thinking about the boiled snail is not eaten it is uncomfortable. Eat the snail with a bowl of hot water sauce , broccoli, then there is nothing more satisfied.
 Imagine just sitting near to rub the snail just hear the church bell, shade tree cool on the head, sometimes the wind blowing through leaves leaves rustle do not need anything. There are both screws and snails, the best is to order a bowl, accompanied by salted, chillies, rind, lemon fragrant Sauce here delicious off the table, all kinds of spicy salty sweet light. Right on the right there are mannequin, look left noodle with sugar cane sugar, enough to full your stomach.

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