I am completely grateful to my friends

I am completely grateful to my friends, family, partners, and all those who made this happen! Arbonne shipped 6 trucks filled with Arbonne shakes, proteinbars, and nutritional products that were safe for many dietary restricted individuals. Here are two pics of Houston residents who were so thankful for what had miraculously arrived in an overnight shipment! Miracles happen everyday! #helpingothers #creatingmiracles #kindness #giving #sharing #grateful #thankful #lovewhatido #arbonnelifers #doinggreatthings


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Miri Goldberger

Esther Arakanchi .Esther i’am still not giving up you did the hard work and u are beautiful inside out

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Ephrat Eini

True chesed! Yishar koach Esther Arakanchi! This is literally people coming together for survival!

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