I am thrilled when coaches work hard and get promoted

I am thrilled when coaches work hard and get promoted. Misty is one of those people that I’m over the moon proud of for working hard to accomplish this goal.
What does working hard mean though? That’s such a vague term we all use.
Misty works hard on herself.
Her before and after pictures show how much work she has put in on herself so that she can give to others.
Misty works hard on her marriage to create an amazing support system.
Misty’s marriage is such a wonderful testament to someone who communicates well and shows love. This shows up in her Beachbody team as well. She truly cares for others.
Misty makes ZERO excuses.
She has 5, YES 5!!! children and still makes time for her workouts and nutrition. She understands that when she makes time for herself everyone else gets a better mother, wife and friend.
Misty is the whole package and today she has started her path to leading a team of successful coaches.
Knock ‘em dead girl! The sky is the limit!


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