I don’t think many will agree with me on this

I don’t think many will agree with me on this, but I just had to write it. The Liberal elite — or whatever you want to call it — simply refuse to acknowledge there are real Americans who oppose massive immigration and who are not racists. Parroting the Right, Hartmann is narrowing the discussion and attempting to crush any real conversation.
If Thom Hartmann wants to call me a racist because I believe in a fence and oppose an open border, that’s nutty. Furthermore, if Hartmann wants to find a racist, maybe he should look at himself.
I’m referring to an indifference, certainly a lack of serious concern for a unique group of Americans. Some African-Americans have finally joined the American way of life, that’s great, but millions have not. Remember this is the only group of Americans forced in chains to come to this country. They survived first slavery and then legal, educational and job discrimination. No other group has been treated as badly as African-Americans. So Americans have a special responsibility to insure African-Americans rise from their current underprivileged status. Free millions of African-Americans who are basically forced to live in dangerous, impoverished, urban ghettos as bad as the worst neighborhoods in the world, and then there are those living in equally impoverished Southern rural areas that remains surrounded by a uniform Southern White racism. America created this disgusting situation, and it is Americans’ responsibly to change it. Yet, when America imports large numbers of people who have huge social needs and make significant demands on our national treasure, who have few or no skills – after all, many of these immigrants come from communities resembling life in the 18th or 19th centuries — these immigrants are stealing national treasure and jobs desperately needed by our own trapped African-Americans. I believe strongly in individual responsibility, for African-Americans, for ALL Americans, and for our nation. So why are we not dealing seriously with what should be a very high priority? Is there racism involved in this continuing injustice? A subtle, yet potent racism. So Hartmann, don’t call me a racist because I believe we should be focused on a unique group of Americans in need, instead look at yourself. You could be a voice for this serious problem that is diminishing, limiting our nation, instead of a voice to make the problem worse.

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