I love this guy Kaypacha

I love this guy Kaypacha, he speaks to this week’s astrology and refers also to the Rabbit Hole, which has been a theme for me for some time, the dark night of the Soul.
Let’s go, it’s time, Fall Equinox, this is the time where in ancient Greece the Great Mysteries of Elefsyna would be celebrated . And people would walk the Sacred Road, Hiera Odos, to represent the Myth of Persefone going into the Underworld, Hades abducted by Pluto. And there is a great book you can read about these mysteries that I would recommend, it’s called The road to Elefsis, by Gordon Wasson. You can find it also on line in pdf. 
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Deveshni Naidu

I enjoy Kayapacha’s posts too ☺️ Thanks for the book recommendation! Lotsa ❤️ sweet sister

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Jaya Deva

I pilgramaged to Eleusis this summer, it was a piece of my soul, returned to me.

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Elefsis, that is – All at once, All at One – Now! Eleusinian Mysteries, the Endless Circle, Life and Death in every Now…. Persefone is the One who carries the Light, Φερσέφασσα, Φερέφαττα, Η Φέρουσα το Φως!!! So my wish is Light within our Darkness….In every Now!!!

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