It’s my birthday and I’ve woken up to a brand new life

It’s my birthday and I’ve woken up to a brand new life. I joined a gym for the first time in 18 years, paid off my mortgage and business loan… so I am debt free for the first time in my adult life and despite a second scare that lump I had on my left ball wasn’t anything to worry about . I am grateful for everything in my world. I don’t believe in luck I do believe in creating opportunities, working my balls off ( so I am glad I still have those ) and I do believe you get nowhere without good friends and their support. Thinking of the latter I just want to thank you all for supporting me , encouraging me in my work ,following my career on here and just being interested in my oddball life !! I still have enough self doubt to admit every like, positive comment and interaction really does spur me on here but wise enough to know social media isn’t ultimately a real place and merely a projection of how we all want to be seen to the outside world. So yes, my life has ups and downs and there’s been a lot of self assessment recently but I am ok . I really am fine. So right now I am sat in bed editing this with a glass of champagne and I am having a tiki cocktail party tonight . Here’s to healthy minds, creativity, positivity and moving forward with life. For all of us and a toast for those watching over us too !! Peace out .


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Billy Tait

Happy buffday neil !!!!have trip to morecambe it is open today!!!!went on thursday it was closed!!! Will you be at blackpool tower ballroom oct7th burlesque show?pleased you are debt free etc hope you keep it that way lots of luv uncle billy and isabel

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