“King of overdelivering” now that’s a title I like

“King of overdelivering” now that’s a title I like! Thx Sema
She said that in response to my recent breakdown of the content that’s in my Facebook Groups For Entrepreneurs program. (Price goes up July 1st – link below)
Here’s the deal with my course: I am not just teaching you how to grow a group and get people to comment on things.
That would be pretty pointless. I am actually teaching people how to get real results for their business and covering sales funnels, branding, how to get media coverage, and more.
Here’s the lesson outline for monetizing your group (just one of the 6 modules, not to mention the 5 bonus sections + live coaching & support in the student group!):
1 – Different ways to monetize a FB group
-Digital products
-Coaching / consulting
-Service based business
-Affiliate marketing
2 – How soon is too soon to monetize a group?
-Why you should immediately monetize your group
-How & where to setup backlinks to get leads and sales on autopilot
3 – How to get sales without being spammy
-Attraction marketing focused on desires, problems, and expert positioning
-Leveraging social proof in your group to skyrocket sales
-How to not come off as needy or hungry for business
-Value booster posts
4 – Content marketing geared towards sales
-Focusing on targeted, actionable content that changes people’s mindsets & actions
-Product & service awareness is key for long term growth
-How develop your members to increase brand loyalty & sales
5 – Affiliate marketing pays my rent – here’s how
-Recording of my presentation
6 – How To Create An Offer That Sells
-Recording of my interview
If you take my Facebook Groups For Entrepreneurs program, you will be able to skyrocket your online business growth like so many of my students have done already.
Nat Tucker leveraged her group to do a six figure product launch.
Landon Porter is making consistent sales for a high ticket program.
Mitchell Weijerman is getting tons of growth and leads left and right.
Kristy Marshall is pulling in new clients with ease.
They’re not the only ones, everyone is getting crazy growth, engagement, and results because of their groups.
Are you next?


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