Saigon Phan Thiet 2 Days

Phan Thiet’s terrain is relatively flat, sand dunes, coastal beaches, low sand hills and river deltas. Thanks to the topography, the city has many impressive tourist attractions, bringing visitors new experiences. Phan Thiet tourists can not miss the famous places such as Mui Ne sand hill, Poshanu Cham tower, Duc Thanh school, Van Thuy Tu palace, Ong Hoang palace, Thien Hau temple, Phat Quang pagoda. Chickens or Ta Cu Mountain Pagoda.

Phan Thiet is also a popular tourist destination with a diverse population of Vietnamese-Hoa-Cham. If you come to the right occasion with Saigon Phan Thiet 2 Days, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in the Cham festival of the Cham, the festival of Nghinh Ong of the Chinese or boat racing festival takes place during the Lunar New Year of the Kinh. Phan Thiet has many other attractions that only when you find yourself, find yourself and explore yourself can feel completely.

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