Sapa 2 day tours

 It is not in favor that many people give the word for Sapa, call Sapa heaven in the Northwest. Because Sapa is really beautiful, look beautiful everywhere. Beautiful from the ancient features of the beautiful little town hidden in the valley with the cobblestone streets. Beautiful mountains from the mountain with the message of the cloud with white dew, dreaming. Beautiful village from the middle of the village, wandering boring look. Beautiful by the love Sapa, feet, friendly, warm too. About Sapa, there is a walk around every corner of the ‘high poetry’ new poetic beauty of the spring of the young woman.
No need to go anywhere, round the town all day enough for tourists to feel the beauty of Sapa love poetry. The ancient stone church, Ham Rong Mountain, the villages of the people are famous destinations must visit when coming to the misty country in the Northwest.


Ancient stone church: located in the heart of Sapa town, visitors can admire the beauty of French architecture left over on all four sides. In front of the church is a large space, allowing people to comfortably visit and stroll.
Ride Dragon Ham embraces Sapa into the heart: Ham Rong mountain range located in Hoang Lien Son, close to the town, only about 3km so visitors can walk there. Climbing Ham Rong, tourists will be watching the panorama of Sapa hidden in the mist. The footsteps are the first step in the scene by the brilliant colors of flowers.
Explore the villages in Sapa: one of the pleasures to try when traveling Sapa, it is a stroll to the villages near the town to blend into the fresh nature and learn the beauty of culture. of the compatriots. Cat Cat village of the Hmong, Ta Phin village of the Red Dao, Tan Van village of the Giay people, black Mong people are the destination for those who like to experience new things about the life of each ethnic community in Sapa.
Ancient Rock – Muong Hoa Valley: Through a mountain pass about 8km to the southeast of the town, visitors will reach the Muong Hoa valley. The place to make people love green heart mixed with the aroma of rice and the love of wild flowers. Muong Hoa valley also has many ancient rock formations, as a mark in the North West.
Around Sapa are famous landscapes, a dream destination that travelers should not miss in their journey. It is legendary Fansipan, is Hang Tien, Silver Falls, Heaven Gate, … 
Conquering Fansipan – rooftop of Indochina Fansipan is located 9km southwest of Sapa, the highest mountain in Indochina, where visitors can ‘go on the clouds and ride the wind’. There are two ways to board the Fansipan, one is to walk with the guidance of the natives or use the cable car. Each option offers a different experience, if you want, try both. 
Sky and waterfall: from Sapa moving toward Lai Chau about 11km, visitors will find Silver waterfall over 100 rushing streams, white clear, like the grandiose music majestic mountain forest. However, in the dry season, this place is often very little water so consider the time to visit the most beautiful Silver Falls. In Sapa, there is also the Love Waterfall, which is as picturesque as the pure Northwestern poem.
From the Silver Falls, if going 3km, tourists will come to heaven, to meet the broad eyes cover a large valley. Come here, visitors can admire the Fansipan peak, which is obscure in front of the thick white layers. 
Sapa carries a very attractive charm, do tourists sobbing, do not want to go home, always enjoy the beauty of love poetry and sweet atmosphere. People have returned to Sapa, once drunk with the passionate taste of the border town, the new feeling of love here, the love of nature, the love of the village, and the love of passengers. . Appointment back up, do not forget Sapa if the heart want to ‘escape’, you nhé!

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