Stop thinking about your dream

Stop thinking about your dream, act on it. There are no warmups, no practice rounds, no reset buttons. Your attitudes will determine your direction at the IFBB Dexter Jackson Classic #1stplace #olympiabound2017
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Natalia Abraham Coelho Where does one start to pay proper respect for what youve done with your physique and how well you represent the sport we all love.You are a true Legand,a most beautiful legend and inspiration.I cant wait to see you on the OLYMPIA STAGEand see your hand raised in Victory.

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John Brazell

you are sure right on going out and living your dream natalia, and being what you want to be, i,m proud of what you are doing in fitness and bodybuilding, and you are amazing, congradulations, and you have my support

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Your very Welcome..Cant wait to see what you do at the *O* You will Rock it…You motivate me to train hard.:)

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