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I just need to gush for a minute. I am so proud of our team! Last night we hosted a function for approximately 30 global tech industry pros on their annual foundation 

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They stayed with us over the weekend. We made some amazing new friends. They said we had the best wi-fi they have ever had in Cambodia! No-one wanted to leave – I wish they hadn’t! Amazing to have conversations with people who work in one of the biggest tech firms in the world and learn about the amazing contributions they have made to education programs in Cambodia.
Did you know? Baby Elephant boasts 25 rooms. We can sleep 70 people and we can do functions for up to 100!
We have an amazing array of menu options for all dietary requirements and our bartenders are possibly the most talented I have ever had the privilege to meet, let alone work with!
This photo set isn’t that complete because we were quite busy getting to know everyone.
Send your groups our way!


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Jana Walter

Most importantly: where do you get your WiFi from?

Congratulations! The hard work is paying off

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