Vietnam New Adventure Tours

You use Binh Hung specialty breakfast.
You are free to fish, bathing, learn the life of people on the island of Binh Hung, you take the tram to Hon Dat Jet – here you will be panoramic view of Cam Ranh Bay from above , pick up early morning dawn and exchange with the border guard soldiers are on duty to keep the sea island at home in this lighthouse.
10h00: Depart for Binh Ba Island – Lobster Island. Arrive Binh Ba, you check in, rest.
Tour Guide will take you on a train to visit the life of people living on remote islands with lobster farming is the main income. The boat will take you around the island, will go through the beautiful beaches of Binh Ba famous as the coral beach, white sand beach and Nha Old beach with the sunset falls on the island, precious Guests can swim in the coral reefs with diverse coral diversity and abundant with the support of HDV with life jackets and full diving glasses.
At the end of this Vietnam New Adventure Tours, you go home to relax, then enjoy the special farewell party with specialties coastal.

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