We had a packed house last night in Harrisonburg

We had a packed house last night in Harrisonburg, Virginia for our SMAD Faculty screening at James Madison University. Thanks again to Kevin Reynolds, Gwyn Mellinger, Mike Auchard, Shaun Wright, Kristen Fulton-Wright, Adrienne Hooker, Dave Wang, Melissa Wood Aleman, Carlos Aleman, Mike Grundmann for helping put it all together. And all those who came out to support, Nan Zheng, Shelly Hokanson, Joe Loyacano, Dietrich Maune, Tale’ Aisha, Alexandra Vilele, Tom McHardy, George Johnson, Harrison Draper, Ruairi R Walsh, Laurie Kutchins and all the locals from Harrisonburg, VA! Thanks to all my cast and crew the talented cinematographer Joe Foley, Alan Maxwell, and too many to mention and all the talented actors, Deema Aitken, Quentin Maré, Daphne Gaines, Michael McMonagle, Don Close, Savannah DesOrmeaux, Jomil Elijah Robinson, thankful for another opportunity to show work.


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